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I came across this article about an abused Great Dane that nearly broke my heart - yet at the same time gave me hope that there are still good people out there working to do the right thing for those without a voice...or bark, rather. ARTICLE LINK

The article was about a brindle Dane named Princess. As you can see by the picture, she was severely starved and weak at her time of rescue weighing only 75 lbs! “She was trying to stand up and couldn’t, so she used every last bit of energy to wag her tail and at point that was it she had me,” Young said.

A local vet took her in and helped her as best they could - she gained another 25 lbs in spite of losing her front leg due to cancer.

I know there are millions of abused and abandoned pets around the world, as well as children, women and all the other calamities that befall the human race but I wanted to share this story with fellow Dane owners and also solicit your feedback. Would you have proceeded with treatment or opted for immediate euthanasia?

The owner was eventually charged and sentenced to 90-days home incarceration and 2-year probation. I appreciate more than ever the work that volunteers and staff who support dog rescues across the country. In our local area, thank you Great Dane Rescue of Washington for helping our larger-than-life babies. As on of the comments for the article read "A small note to show appreciation to those who take the time and love to care for these animals who did not have any choice in their own fate - SADLY."

Turkish & Woodstock will be getting extra hugs tonight - for all those that didn't get the hugs they deserve.


PostHeaderIcon Dane Play Date: April 17th

Thanks BigDane for the tip!

There will be a Seattle-area Great Dane play date this Saturday April 17th. 

 Willis Tucker Park offers a 2 acre interim off-leash area with nearby parking and a newly opened 4.5 acre meadow area that can be accessed from the main parking lot, along with a fenced wooded and a shy dog area. To locate the off-leash areas, please refer to the Map to off-leash area  (.pdf file)  Willis Tucker Park is located at 6705 Puget Park Drive, Snohomish, WA 98296


 For more details, check outL





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Splish-spash, our boys love takin' a bath but good luck getting them into outside water...that is until this past weekend. We hit up a walking trail at Flaming Geyser State Park last Saturday, only to be met with a large portion of the park closed due to flooding. This being the first time Woodstock as really seen 'outside' water, we thought it was a great opportunity for him to get his feet wet - literally!

Our boys are not water-dogs by any means and it's taken Turkish well over a year to be OK with water up to his knees. Don't they know they have webbed-feet?! They are made for water! Turkish was having fun frolicking along as he does (so much frolicking that he broke my finger! That's another story Laughing) and the only way we could get Woodstock near the water was to go in ourselves. COLD COLD COLD baby! Once the feet went numb it wasn't so bad.

Woodstock whimpered and whined from the shore and then finally gave in and took the plunge. Success! Not bad for a 5-month, 70lb chicken. Are your pups Aqua dogs? Have you had any water success?


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Many folks have been encouraged to elevate their dogs' food dishes to help prevent bloat, as well as make it an easier chow-time for the long-legged Danes. I scoured around for a food bowl set that was high enough and not surprisingly, they all 'fell short.' After considering the idea of making one, and looking at all the failed home repair projects around me, I headed up to IKEA to see what they might have for inspiration. I found a plant stand for $6.99 and thought we'd give it a go. How cheap is that!?


Turkish love is and it is just the right height for him - and cheap! We had to make sure the bowl had a rubber bottom or traction of some kind and he tends to nose his dish around but so far it's working great. For a cheap easy way to elevate the food dish this worked well for us. That said, I'm on the lookout to find something we can drop the bowl in so that he's not pushing his dish off the stand.



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Tall dogs have big thirst - and fresh water is a must. We've found that rather than keeping a 5-gallon bucket of water filled for the Danes, Turkish prefers to drink from the sink. Not a problem unless you miss him standing at the sink...staring...forever, waiting for the rush of the cold stuff. I've found Turk waiting up to 10 minutes just staring at the faucet willing it to turn on.

We talked about installing a motion-sensor faucet, but aside from it being a lot of work to replace an entire faucet there was a cost factor that really dissuaded me. I did a bit of research and found a couple of options. I've ordered them both and here my take -

1. Smart Value ($15):







The one we purchased was plastic. It was a neat idea in that Turkish could move the stem to start the flow of water, however because this one was plastic, his big snout broke it off. There is a metal one as well but I've not tried that one.


2. iTouchless EZ Sensor Faucet - Average price: $39.99 to $59.99


We LOVE this! Turkish is able to water himself whenever he's thirsty, and is always met with fresh cool water. Provided that your dog is potty trained, and of course faucet-height, this is something to consider. I would recommend keeping a thick bath mat nearby as slobber-jowls can run buckets of water when they pull away from the sink.


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